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Clinical Practice Q&A

The CPQ&A is an area to regularly visit for information regarding the many clinical topics outlined below. The questions were sent in from visitors to the website and answered by the AMSN Clinical Practice Committee. You can also ask your own clinical practice question!
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The AMSN Premier Recognition In the Specialty of Med-Surg (PRISM) Award™, provides special recognition to the exemplary practice of medical-surgical units. Is Your Unit Exemplary? Apply Now!
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FailSafe Certification

The Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification Board, the affiliated certifying board of AMSN, has a program to help both the health care facility and the nurse: The MSNCB FailSafe Certification Program. You only pay when you succeed, guaranteed!
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Early Photos from the 2014, 23rd AMSN Annual Convention!

We took many photos at the convention last week, here are quite a few of them to get you started (many more coming later). Were you there?

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The AMSN Convention App - Don't Leave Home Without It!

The AMSN Convention app has everything you need to know about the premier event for enhancing the medical-surgical nursing profession, right at your fingertips. Available for Apple iOS, Android, and as a web application. Click to get the version you need here.

Going to the Convention in September 11-14 in Orlando?

Speaker handouts are now available online. We encourage you to download and print any you'd like to take with you!

The CMSRN Certification and Recertification Grants are Now OPEN!

The grants provide an opportunity for a member(s) of the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN) to receive funding for exam registration to become CMSRN® certified or renewed certification...

Industry & Career News

Severe Respiratory Illness Associated with Enterovirus D68 – Multiple States, 2014

CDC Advisory (09.12.2014) - Recent increases in hospitalizations of patients with severe respiratory illness...

Catalyst for Change in Nurse Staffing

Position Paper in Nursing Economic$ Offers Landmark Model and Call to Action. The health care world has shifted on its axis, taking nurse staffing with it...

Helping Your Overweight Child

Many young people struggle with excess weight. As a parent or other caregiver, you can do a lot to help your child reach and maintain a healthy weight.

Where Are the Nurses?

They’re called “nursing homes,” so most of us assume that they have nurses — registered nurses — on the premises. But not all the time. In some facilities, not even most of the time.

Nutrition Campaign Wins PR Award

On June 12, the Alliance to Advance Patient Nutrition, of which AMSN is a key partner, received the Silver Anvil Award, the public relations industry’s top honor, for 2013’s outstanding public service campaign.

What Do You LOVE About Being a Med-Surg Nurse?

Priscilla, RN, BSN

What do you love about being a med-surg nurse?

As a new graduate I am currently working on a med/surg floor. For me the floor is like a study hall. I have learned so much already!

The floor offers so many learning opportunity. It is definitely a valuable experience to gain.

Gloria, BSN, RN, CMSRN

What do you love about being a med-surg nurse?

"EVERYTHING! I love the nurses who choose this specialty.

I have a couple of favorite things I tell people about Med/Surg. One is that the hospital would not exist without us!!! Another is that I will put a Med-Surg nurse's assessment skills up against any other specialty.

Med/Surg nurses rock!"

Rocedeelynn, ERN

What do you love about being a med-surg nurse?

"I love how the floor can become a hectic place but my patients keep me grounded.

I love how I can have the busiest assignment but still say "I can take that specimen down to lab for you". I love how challenging a Med-Surg unit can be. I

love my job and my unit."


"Medical-surgical nursing is a true passion of mine. It has never received the recognition it deserves.

Since becoming involved with the AMSN, it has given me renewed energy to help lead the charge on pushing the medical-surgical profession to the forefront."


"I've practiced med-surg nursing in inpatient, home health, home infusion, postpartum/well baby settings and now in ambulatory care -- outpatient obstetrics.

I have used my med-surg knowledge and skills each day in each of these settings. Just yesterday I was on the telephone with an OB patient discussing s/sx of dehydration related to fluid volume deficit (vomiting) and earlier I was assessing a patient's surgical incision (C-Section,POD #7).

I am a better nurse because of my love for med-surg nursing."

Jessie, RN, MSN

"Med-surg is the backbone of nursing. Many nursing skills are used for most type of illnesses. Experience in med-surg is timeless with so many new things to learn you can never become bored."


"I loved this rotation in nursing school. It gives me the chance to meet a variety of patients with different health issues.

I love it when we send home patients in a better state of health. As an adjunct nursing educator in this field, I stress to my students the importance of getting a great medical-surgical background.

This specialty nursing field is the base of the nursing care pyramid. A weak pyramid will fall as the nurse moves into other specialty areas.

I have had the opportunity to move to other specialty areas of the hospital and I chose to stay in the medical-surgical arena." ~Nancy


"Even after 35+years med-surg.is never boring. I learn something new daily and try to pass it on. I love the patient population. Yeah MED-SURG nurses.

I love us!" ~Robena


"It is the backbone of nursing care. It requires you to be organized and well rounded as a nurse, it is never ever boring, and you must constantly stay on your game.

If you are a medical surgical nurse you can work anywhere!!" ~Sue


"The variety. You have a wide variety of illnesses to take care of, and not to mention the wide variety of nursing personalities.

There is never the same thing day in and day out. I also learn something new every day, it may pertain to nursing or the history of the United States.

What more can you ask for, I love it." ~Linda, RN, BSN, CMSRN


"Med-surg is my specialty, there is always something new to learn and at the end of the day the patients show of appreciation of your care is rewarding.

Yes, med-surg can be stressful, patient loads are often high but at the end of the day I look forward to the next work day. 

love being a professional nurse but I especially love being a medical-surgical nurse." ~Joan, CMSRN


"I love seeing my patients health improve and knowing that I helped make that happen!" ~Chris


"I love being a med-surg nurse because I learn something new everyday. My patients are so unique and I am able to dig deeply to understand the complexity of some disease process.

I am never bored, always new and improved knowledge." ~Sonia


"I love watching my patients get well every day. My favorite part of being a med-surg nurse is discharge day!" ~Amanda


"I love that Med-Surg is just like Forrest Gump's box of chocolates: you show up to work and you never know what you're going to get.

The varied populations, age spans, diagnoses, and treatments keep every day interesting and provide opportunities to learn something new!" ~Angela


"I love being a medical surgical nurse because I can care for a variety of patients and the learning never stops.

I am also an educator so everyday and I am teaching and learning and I love it." ~Jeanine

Tell us what you LOVE about being a med-surg nurse!