Med-Surg Nurses Week Marketing Toolkit

Let your network know you're participating in Med-Surg Nurses Week! We encourage you to utilize the marketing materials below to help spread the word and generate buzz.

Social Media Messaging

During Med-Surg Nurses Week, AMSN will use social media to help raise awareness. Add your own voice to the conversation by using the hashtag #MSNW23. Not sure what else to say? Feel free to copy/paste the posts outlined below. While you are at it, be sure to follow us on each of our platforms to stay up to date on the latest and greatest.

Sample Facebook/LinkedIn Posts

  • I am proud to join the AMSN in recognizing the 22nd annual Med-Surg Nurses Week! Taking place November 1-7, #MSNW23 will put a spotlight on med-surg nurses and their admirable commitment to patient care. Learn how you can take part in the celebrations now:
  • This November, I am joining AMSN in highlighting the important role med-surg nurses play in providing quality patient care. Check out the following link to discover various ways you can participate in #MSWN23:
  • The first Med-Surg Nurses Day commenced nearly 23 years ago. Since then, this celebration has extended into a week-long initiative, taking place November 1-7, in 2023. To commemorate #MSNW23, I am [insert your celebratory plans].
  • Happy #MSNW23! I was initially drawn to this specialty becuase [insert why you became a med-surg nurse].

Sample Tweets

  • I am proud to join @MedSurgNurses in recognizing the importance of med-surg nurses. Learn how you can participate in #MSNW23 by visiting the AMSN website today:
  • In honor of #MSNW23, I want to call attention to the important role med-surg nurses play in providing quality patient care. Thank you to my [colleagues, co-workers, parents, significant other, etc.] for all you do!
  • Med-Surg nursing comes along with many misperceptions. Help put an end to these construed views by participating in #MSNW23.
  • Day after day, med-surg nurses provide a high standard of specialized medical care to patients across the planet. I am proud to recognize these heathcare heroes as I participate in #MSNW23.

Shareable Graphics

Catch the eyes of your connections by including one of the visuals linked below in your next email or social media post about Med-Surg Nurses Week. 

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Email Template

Customize the email copy below to reach out to your network about Med-Surg Nurses Week, encouraging them to participate.

Dear [insert name of recipient], 

Med-Surg Nurses Week is taking place November 1-7, 2023. The seven-day-long campaign is designed to celebrate med-surg nurses while highlighting their important work and commitment to patient care.

Organized by the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses, this annual initiative gives you a chance to:

  • Spread word to your online network 
  • Educate your peers, patients, and fellow practioners
  • Share stories of how med-surg nursing has impacted you 
  • Participate in highly-anticipated webinars
  • Recieve discounts on AMSN-produced products

Find out how to join in on the festivities by visiting

Thank you,

[insert email signature]

Publicity and Advertising

  • Prepare a news release, announcing Med-Surg Nurses Week, for your local television, radio, and news stations.
  • Schedule interviews with local talk shows or news publications to highlight the importance of med-surg nursing.
  • Provide local organizations, schools, and clubs with speakers who can talk on behalf of med-surg nursing.
  • Advertise your week-of celebrations through any in-house newsletters and/or bulletins.
  • Post information about your week-of celebrations on your facility’s social media channels.
  • Create a table or window display at your facility, public library, senior center, or shopping mall to provide information about med-surg nursing.