Professional Development

Come Learn With us and Elevate Your Practice

We believe patients receive better care when medical-surgical nurses engage in ongoing professional development. We help you do that via education that addresses your specific learning needs. 

Our goal is to support you with continuing education activities wherever you practice and at every stage of your career, whether you are a student looking to earn your RN license or a seasoned RN looking to gain new expertise.

All our educational activities are ANCC accredited for nursing continuing professional development. ANCC accredited professional education adheres to evidence-based standards and is the most effective and sustainable strategy to improve professional nursing practice.

Online Learning

We aim to cultivate your lifelong learning through convenient online educational activities, which you can find in the Online Library. The online library contains previously recorded AMSN Convention sessions, webinars and CE through our journal, MEDSURG Nursing Journal and our former newsletter, MedSurg Matters.

CMSRN Certification Preparation

Are you planning on taking the CMSRN exam? The AMSN Certification Preparation course will help you prepare for the exam both from a content review perspective but also from a test taking perspective.

We offer review for both live in person sessions with a Subject Matter Expert or at your own pace with a thorough, interactive e-learning program. Both are eligible for CE - compare to see what’s best for you and your facility.

If you are interested in our new eLearning CRC program, please go to our Online Library for more information.

The ELEVATE Series

AMSN has listened to what education you have said you need, and we have built exciting new educational programs to help you grow your competency in med-surg nursing. Elevate your practice with assessment-based certificate programs, where you earn a certificate of learning and a digital badge that you can use to demonstrate the deep knowledge you gained through these educational programs.

Med-Surg Talks

Only have a few minutes but need to get some education? Have a look at our top-scoring poster sessions from the 2019 AMSN Convention in Chicago. Our Med-Surg Talks series is a great way to learn in short bursts, recognizing you are busy and don’t always have a lot of time to spend to gain new knowledge. These poster summaries do not offer CE, but they do offer the opportunity to learn and grow your competence. If you see or hear something you want to learn more about, you can access the full poster in the Online Library, and CE packages for posters are available free of charge for convention attendees and at a modest fee for non-attendees. Visit Med-Surg Talks to learn more.

Free CE for Members

One of the most appreciated benefits of membership is our free CE. Your AMSN membership dues include 36+ hours of CE each year. It is an awesome way to stay current in your practice and increase your competency for no additional cost to you. Your free CE is added directly to your Tracker, making it quite easy to catalogue and keep track of your continuing education for licensure or certification.

Your Free CE includes:

  • MEDSURG Nursing articles (at least 12 per year)
  • Webinars for which you registered (approximately 10-12 per year)
  • One additional free CE offering per month via our AMSN Connections newsletter (12 per year)

Contact Hours Tracking

As a nurse, you are likely involved in ongoing professional development activities. There are two pieces of information required for tracking and reporting these professional development activities: the type of activity and the number of hours earned.

Did you know that if you are certified, your tracker records your progress to your certification requirements? It’s an easy way to see at-a-glance how close you are to meeting your certification renewal requirements. 

AMSN knows that your learning needs are changing, as is the way you want to consume education, and we strive to meet your needs with our redesigned educational offerings, publications, and products. We are your source for med-surg education and are excited to share these new programs.