Call for Posters

AMSN invites you to submit a Poster Abstract for the 2024 Annual Convention.  The conference provides opportunities to share and gain knowledge, expertise, and perspectives through collaborative education and various modalities. Poster abstract submissions are limited to 500 words, excluding the title. Submissions should contain a description of the project or subject matter, methodology if applicable, analysis, and results as indicated.

Poster Abstract submissions will remain open through April 15, 2024 and poster submitters will be notified of acceptance status in May 2024.


Poster Abstract Tracks

  • Clinical Practice: Innovative, cutting-edge information about the clinical aspect of medical-surgical practice that includes clinical practice trends, new treatments, specific patient populations, disease states, and care transition management.
  • Creating and Sustaining Healthy Practice Environments: Innovative ideas on how to create and/or sustain healthy practice environments in medical-surgical units with increasingly complex demands. Promote optimal patient outcomes with varied staffing models.
  • Evidence-based Practice, Quality Improvement, and Research: Integrates the best available evidence to guide nursing care and improve patient outcomes. Submissions on research methods and discussion of research issues would also be considered. Research submissions directly relevant to medical-surgical nursing practice are highly encouraged.
  • Interprofessional Collaboration: Nurses and other health professionals collaborate with patients, their support systems, and caregivers to deliver high-quality care and care coordination to manage transitions of patients among levels of care, providers, and settings. Should include partnerships such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, or nutrition.
  • Nursing Leadership: Emerging models of leadership, developing leadership skills of the clinical nurse at the bedside, strategies to influence outcomes and quality, and experiences integrating new models of care within the fiscally challenged environment to include the changing managed care arena.
  • Pharmacology: Integrates the key components of pharmacology: pharmacotherapeutics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics for nursing practice, concepts of safe administration, symptom and pain management, monitoring medication effects and interactions, and preventing adverse events.
  • Professional Development: Unique approaches to transition to practice including onboarding new graduates and experienced nurses transition into new roles, successful hiring practices, onboarding, staffing retention models, simulation, and the novice to expert path.
  • Virtual Nursing: Innovative models of care and new technologies that provide access to nurses and expert nursing care to patients and their support systems outside of the traditional bedside/in-office settings. Demonstrates how virtual nursing care can support clinical decision-making and continuity of care to improve patient outcomes. Provides opportunities to retain highly skilled nurses as part of the care team with less physical demand and more flexibility.

Additional Resources

Download this informational flyer for additional details before starting your submission.