Pronouns - A Key to Patient and Staff Inclusivity

Registered Nurses should not be afraid to ask a patient their pronouns

Most people have probably seen a transgender or non-binary person on television or in the news, even if they don’t know anyone who identifies as trans or nonbinary in real life yet.
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Group meeting

The Fine Art of Oral Communication

Technology has made significant changes in the lives we live

Processes have become more automated with less person-to-person interaction. The advent of text messaging is rapidly decreasing oral communications.
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AMSN Annual Convention

It’s Convention Month!

While it is no one’s first choice, there are some things to look forward to with a virtual convention.

Last month the AMSN Board of Directors made the very difficult decision to change the format of our annual convention from hybrid (in-person and virtual) to all virtual.
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PPE in action

ADVOCATE News - What’s New in Policy

The Latest on AMSN's Advocacy News

AMSN Takes Action to Help Secure Future PPE Supplies; Congress Responds Favorably.... In Regulatory Comment to Federal Workplace Safety Agency, AMSN Speaks Out for Med-Surg Nurse Safety...
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