Have you ever considered volunteering and sharing your expertise on the national level? All it takes is one tiny step forward and there will be no looking back.
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Conforting hands
Years ago, when I began my nursing career, I worked the evening shift. Part of the daily cares I administered to my patients was a backrub prior to them turning in at night...
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Bedside nurse with patient
Medical-surgical nurses provide patient care in an environment of ever changing priorities.
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Masked face
Averted Federal Shutdown Oct. 1, The FAAN Act, and The HEROES Act  
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Terri Hinkley

CEO's Corner - October 2020

Your AMSN Member Benefits At Work

Even More New Products and Services Coming Soon! You might recall that I’ve talked a lot about the new products and services AMSN is working on bringing you, our members, to help you be effective in your role as a med-surg nurse and to help you practice some self-care in these trying times.
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Robin Hertel
I look forward to a lot of things at this time of year, simmering soup on the stove, comfy sweaters, walking in the park, looking at all the changing leaves, and convention!
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