Compassion, Commitment, Connection

AMSN’s tagline is Compassion, Commitment, Connection!

AMSN’s tagline is Compassion, Commitment, Connection, and we know medical-surgical nurses display these traits every day. Medical-surgical nurses show empathy and compassion to patients and their family members every shift they work.

Even when it is hard and the patient may make it difficult, nurses go into the room with a smile and a listening ear every time.

I think AMSN itself also displays compassion. The AMSN Board of Directors and other leaders truly do care about all medical-surgical nurses. If you have ever attended an AMSN convention, I imagine you may have “felt” the compassion.

I have always found AMSN to be one of the friendliest group of nurses I have encountered throughout my career. Besides showing our compassion to one another at convention, we have used other methods during the pandemic.

During the last year, we created the Emergency Grant Fund to assist our members in sustaining themselves through the tough financial situation the pandemic has created. We provided free tools to help medical-surgical nurses use resources differently while caring for the high volume of COVID-19 patients. Both resources are still available and can be accessed on the AMSN website.

Medical-surgical nurses are also committed to providing the very best care to patients; care that is evidence-based and holistic in nature. We are also committed to our team members. I see some of the greatest commitment in medical-surgical nursing among coworkers who work together and become a truly great team as well as friends.

The connections we make working side by side with our coworkers while dealing with the challenges and triumphs we face on a medical-surgical unit unify us for life. I would argue that the commitments we have to our patients, such as, seeing them through their illness or surgery, supporting them through episodes of pain, and advocating for their plan of care are what we value about being medical-surgical nurses.

Just like medical-surgical nurses are committed to their patients, AMSN is committed to its members. AMSN wants to know how you are doing and how we can help you whether that is financial assistance, advocacy, lending an ear to listen, or even providing a laugh or two. We want to share your stories and help those we serve understand the importance and impact medical-surgical nurses make.

We want to share your stories and help those we serve understand the importance and impact medical-surgical nurses make.

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One of the reasons I love AMSN so much is because of the connections I have made with so many fellow AMSN members through my volunteer service. I now have lifelong friends that I can call on for any need even if I have not spoken to them in years. We all share the experiences of caring for patients in a medical-surgical setting and know the challenges and rewards that our service provides.

Speaking of connection, if you have not already downloaded the AMSN Connect App, I highly encourage you to get it as soon as possible. It is a free download on Google Play or Apple’s app store. You get all the latest AMSN’s news, access to our blog and podcast, and can easily connect with your fellow AMSN members. This app provides AMSN a direct connection to you so that we can continue to show our compassion and commitment to our members.

The AMSN Connect App brings our tagline to life; join your fellow AMSN members in connecting there.

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