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Special Note to CMSRNs – We're experiencing an unusually high volume of CE entries needing verification for CMSRN renewal purposes.

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The Contact Hours Tracker offers you the online convenience of taking charge of your certification renewal plan. Use the Contact Hours Tracker to enter and track professional development activities, store your employment information, review the verification status of self-reported contact hours, and apply for your certification renewal. If you aren’t familiar with the Contact Hour Tracker, we recommend you log in and take a look around. It's a simple tool that packs a lot of convenience.

Professional development can take many forms, whether continuing nursing education or more general non-nursing continuing education. Further, AMSN considers other professional development activities such as academic education, precepting, authoring articles, textbook chapters, etc. as also eligible for contact hours. For clarity and ease of reporting, AMSN refers to these collective activities as contact hours.

When reporting professional development activities, you report the contact hours received for the activity. Contact hours are the hours that were awarded for the education/professional development you participated in. AMSN refers to all these professional development activities as contact hours because the activity is reported this way.

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Continuing education activity hours may or may not be those gained from an accredited provider of continuing education who awards contact hours but may be used to meet certification requirements.


Visit our Renewal by Contact Hours page for more information about self-reporting contact hours using your Contact Hours Tracker. Refer to the CMSRN Certification Renewal Guide to learn more about the types professional development activities you can use for certification renewal. See sample entries below.

Contact Hours Tracker Note:
We're experiencing a high volume of CE entries needing verification for CMSRN renewal purposes. Staff is verifying CE for those whose certification expires within the next three months. Late fees have been waived until 12/31/2020. We greatly appreciate your patience.

AMSN Member Benefit

Contact hours earned in the AMSN Library are automatically recorded and verified in your Contact Hours Tracker. These contact hours are also automatically categorized as medical-surgical or care coordination and transition management contact hours.


 Contact hour certificates and transcripts earned through the AMSN Library, may only be printed from the AMSN Library.

Sample CNE Activity Entry

Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) activities are formal continuing nursing education awarded by an accredited provider. CNE certificates must include the following information:

  • Name of attendee
  • Date of program
  • Name of program
  • Number of contact hours awarded
  • Accreditation provider and statement

It’s a good idea to hold onto your continuing nursing education certificates in the event your renewal application is randomly selected for an audit. In addition, the type of contact hours may be recategorized upon verification.


Sample CNE Activity Entry Screenshot

Type of Contact Hours
Determine whether the contact hours are MEDSURG or PROFDEV.
Contact Hours Earned
Amount of contact hours awarded per certificate.
Date Earned
If the activity was over a series of dates, enter last date.
Location of Activity
Name of hospital, conference, journal, etc. If earned online, enter "online."
Activity Title
Title that is listed on certificate.
Provider Name
Accredited providers are listed on your certificate. Note: not asking for presenter's name.

Sample non-CNE Activity Entry

Non-CNE Activities are professional development activities that are awarded contact hours: examples include preceptorship, academic courses, presentations, publications, research and EBP projects, service as an AMSN/MSNCB board member or chair, or test development/item writing/renewal committee membership.

Sample Non-CNE Activity Entry

Non-CE Activity Type
Choose type of activity
Title, or description of activity if not applicable.
Date Completed
If the activity was over a series of dates, enter last date.
Number of Activity Hours Completed
When applicable, enter hours, credits, number of posters, etc.
Location of Activity
Name of hospital, university, conference, journal, etc.
Type of Contact Hours
Determine whether the contact hours are MEDSURG or PROFDEV.
Contact Hours Earned
Amount of contact hours awarded.

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